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Here at Fabrics Galore, we are well-versed in the world of dressmaking, and our online store is the perfect place for you to find inspiration. Perhaps because we stock such a diverse range of luxurious dressmaking fabrics, choosing the perfect fabric for your needs can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore, if you are embarking on your first dressmaking project, or are just stuck for ideas, we will be able to help you. 

Cotton fabric 

Cotton is a very popular choice for dressmaking projects, as it is comfortable, breathable and wearable all year round - as well as easy to sew. Cotton is especially perfect in summer, as it is absorbent and removes moisture from the skin, allowing you to stay comfortable in the warmer weather. In the winter, cotton is just as useful, providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air between the fabric fibres.

Overall, cotton is strong, durable, comfortable and can be worn in most climates - making this the perfect choice for your dressmaking project. From summer dresses and activewear to base layers for the winter months - the choices of what you can create are truly limitless. 

Stretch velvet 

Ideal for both dresses and tops, velvet is incredibly luxurious and this more-affordable alternative is made with a combination of synthetic fibres such as polyester and viscose. The stretch velvet we have available in-store is a synthetic variant which has added Spandex with the polyester to create the stretch quality desired in dressmaking.

Compared to silk and cotton velvet, stretch velvet does not require as much maintenance and is much easier to care for, being more resistant to dirt and stains. It is ideal for dressmaking and is a popular choice for evening dresses where you can create a really luxurious look without the high cost.

Linen fabric 

There are a variety of different linen fabrics for you to choose from, all of which are perfect for dressmaking projects. Linen can be styled in any way you see fit, with a variety of colour variants and is known to absorb up to a fifth of its weight in moisture, far more than any other material including cotton. 

Also, if you have an environmentally conscious mind, linen is fully biodegradable which makes it a fantastic option as it’s organic, biodegradable and recyclable. It’s versatile, high quality and durable - there is not much more you could want for your next dressmaking piece. 

Dressmaking lining fabric

Choosing a lining fabric can be as challenging as choosing the outer fabric for your garment! The ideal dressmaking lining fabrics depend on the fabric you are looking to line; however, viscose, cotton, silk, rayon and polyester all make good dressmaking lining fabrics. At Fabrics Galore we also have a range of stretch satins in a one way stretch which would make a perfect dress lining similar to silk in feel. 

Find your perfect dressmaking fabric 

At Fabrics Galore, we stock a wide range of different fabrics, all of which are the highest quality. As a business, we have a very experienced team who love sourcing new fabrics and would be more than happy to help you, allowing you to purchase as many pieces as you would like - all for very reasonable prices.

No matter what project you are looking to create, we can help you to achieve the style, fit, design, silhouette and structure you are aiming for - so you know you are in safe hands when you come to Fabrics Galore.

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