How to Design Hotel Inspired Spaces at Home

How to Design Hotel Inspired Spaces at Home

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Everyone loves staying in a hotel, they are almost always a home away from home, but with so many added bonuses. As they are often such a luxurious space to enjoy, it’s no wonder why people want to replicate this within their own home. We all want to be on holiday right now, or at the very least out of the house that was once a haven but is now less so. But for the moment we have to content ourselves with creating the illusion of being away in a hotel. Imagine.

Everyone needs a change of scene so if you are looking to create a hotel-inspired room design with the clever use of furnishing fabrics, feel free to continue reading. The Fabrics Galore team are here to provide you with inspiration. 

Hotel Colours and Prints

The first key step to create the hotel look is the colour or the shall we say the lack of it especially in the bigger parts of your home furnishings such as head boards or curtains. Nothing says Hotel Chic like creams and shades of white with hints of darker neutrals or even a warm metallic glow to add a designer fabric feel.

Luxurious Curtains

One common design feature you will spot across countless hotel spaces is gorgeous curtains and drapery. If they are floor-length, this adds another dimension to the space, elongating your window and giving the room drama. You can easily design these curtains yourself, and at Fabrics Galore, we have curtain fabrics available in cool whites and greys or even metallics. Choose either plain or a pattern such as a geometric print which is always elegant. 

geometric fabric

All of our high-quality curtain fabrics will help you achieve a beautiful pooling effect, which is the perfect way to achieve a boutique-hotel feel in your living room or bedroom. At Fabrics Galore, our new metallic linens in hessian, pacific green, ochre yellow and pewter grey would be perfect for drapery and ensuring your room evokes a calming, hotel-inspired atmosphere.  

metallic linen fabric

Statement upholstery pieces

Upholstery is a great way to give your furniture a new lease of life, and if you are looking to evoke a more hotel-inspired feel in your home, statement upholstery pieces are a great way to achieve this, as they can certainly transform the atmosphere of your living room or bedroom. With these statement pieces, you can easily inject colours into the room that work well with your overall colour scheme. The perfect colour to brighten your neutral palette is Yellow (as chosen by Pantone as colour of the year for 2021). At the moment, yellow is a dominant colour in the interior design world, due to its positive connotations; it also works really well with neutrals like cream and grey.  

Freestanding furniture will always have a more boutique feel to it, so why not transform an old armchair into a luxurious velvet statement piece? Velvet will be able to blend in with the furnishings that you already possess and can truly revolutionise the way a room looks. On the other hand, if you want something slightly more subtle, our cream boucle fabric has been used to upholster furniture and can not only make your room feel cosy - but also evoke a sense of luxury, just like you would experience in a five-star hotel. 

cream boucle fabric


Make a bedroom statement 

The focal point of any hotel room is, of course, the bed itself. When we think of hotel luxury we also think about the bedding, especially a crisp pillow. And the only way to achieve that is with a beautifully simple cotton poplin pillow case teamed with the most luxurious bedding you can get your hands on. Or create your very own statement pillows that match the room’s colour scheme? Starting with plain pillows at the back and finishing the bed with a scatter cushion in any of these bright yellows would add some sophisticated fun to any hotel room.

yellow fabric for pillows

Why not transform the room with some gorgeous bedsheets using designer fabrics? There are so many ways to enhance the impact your bed has on the rest of the space, so it is important to incorporate lots of different luxury elements to bring together the room. For the bedding itself, we recommend choosing timeless fabrics like cotton, linen, or satin, which all resonate with the hotel-inspired look. 

Mix and match textiles

No matter whether this is in your living room or bedroom, mixing and matching the textiles on show is a great way to bring the hotel-look to the space. This could mean adding a gorgeous homemade blanket to the end of a bed, or even seamlessly draped at the end of a sofa. Mixing and matching these textiles in various tones of the same colour will help to create a luxurious and soothing feel that you normally only get when staying at a hotel. 

A Hotel Quality Robe

Finally, if we are honest, what makes a hotel stay feel so decadent is really the luxurious dressing gown to waft around in. Our cotton double gauze in white or dove would be absolutely perfect for your hotel robe. Just remember to take it off before your Zoom calls!

double gauze fabric

Would you like to purchase hotel quality furnishing fabrics? 

Here at Fabrics Galore, we are here to help and provide you with the inspiration to try new things within your home. All of the furnishing fabrics we have available can easily be used to create a luxury space and are available in a variety of colours and patterns. If you would like to have a chat with a member of our team about any ideas you have in mind but you’re not sure where to start, please feel free to give us a call on 020 7738 9589, and we would be happy to assist.

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