Meet The Team at Our Fabric Shop in London

Meet The Team at Our Fabric Shop in London

In a world where it is hard to find businesses that measure up, we would like to introduce you to the Fabrics Galore customer service gang. 

We have asked each member of the squad a few simple questions to give you a peek behind the curtain of what working at FG Headquarters, aka The Fabrics Galore shop in London, is really like. 

They are ready to suit up and take a bow…

Questions We Asked the Fabrics Galore Shop Team

  1. How long have you worked at FG?
  2. Who inspired you to start sewing?
  3. What do you like to make at home?
  4. What’s your favourite FG fabric to sew with and why?
  5. What do you like most about working at FG?



Charlotte is our patchwork and quilting expert, she works on Thursdays, Friday and Saturday. If you pop in and Radio 4 is on, Charlotte is in. 


  1. I’ve worked at FG for nearly 2 years and it’s been such a fun time. 

  2. My Mum got me into sewing curtains and cushions a long time ago, but my aunts have been also been great inspirations as amazing textile artists. 

  3. I’m mostly a quilter but Team FG are turning me to dressmaking too now. 

  4. There’s such a lot of choice in the shop for quilting - a bit off the beaten path with the linen cotton mixes, or the more traditional quilting weight Japanese Sevenberry fabrics are gorgeous for patchwork. 

  5. I love all the team at FG for their talent, creativity and love of fabric. 




Laura works at the shop to cover holidays and during our busiest times of year, so it you manage to catch her, enjoy it!


1. I’ve worked at FG for just about a year. 

2. I started sewing when I was 5 years old and my grandmother taught me to use her old black and gold Singer machine. 

3. At home, I love to make tote bags and patchwork quilts, but lately I’ve been concentrating on garment making. 

4. I love Rose & Hubble ditsy floral poplins for patchwork, and the printed viscose is wonderful for summer dresses. 

5. My favourite thing about working at FG is interacting with our lovely customers. I love to hear about their projects and help find solutions for their sewing conundrums. And my coworkers are pretty nice too! 




Claire is Fabrics Galore longest standing member of staff, who works on a Monday and a Tuesday.  Claire is also our soft furnishing expert but honestly there is very little Claire has never made. She is pretty much the Fabrics Galore Oracle. 


  1. I have worked at Fabrics Galore since 1993…

  2. I first started sewing to make extra pocket money, and started by making soft toys to sell from around the age of 10. 

  3. When not at the shop, I make gifts for friends alongside making soft furnishing projects. 

  4. I like the Orla Kiely fabrics as they always make up very nicely. 

  5. My favourite thing about working at Fabrics Galore is sharing sewing tips and ideas with both colleagues and customers. 




Issy started as a Saturday girl after Annabelle spotted her shopping at the shop with her Mum, and decided she’d make a great member of the team. Issy now works on our Tik-Tok account and also fills in when the shop is busy or when she is back from uni. 


  1. I have been working at Fabrics Galore for 6 years. 

  2. I was inspired to start sewing by my Mum’s friend who is a seamstress and costume designer; she came into primary school to run some workshops and loved it! She later started a sewing club which I joined and that’s where I learned to sew. 

  3. I make myself clothes and occasionally little bits for my house. 

  4. My favourite fabrics are the denims especially the patchwork effect denim as it’s such a lovely quality and more fun than a regular denim as I love the texture. 

  5. I love getting to see all the new fabrics that we get in regularly - that’s always exciting!




Annabelle is the only full time member of staff and runs the website as well as the shop itself. 


  1. I have worked at Fabrics Galore since 2014 (blimey)

  2. My Mum has always sewn and even has her own fabric company so I guess it was only a matter of time before I got into it. 

  3. I make lots of my presents for my friends and their children. And have recently made a lot of sweatshirts, and am starting to make more of my own clothes. 

  4. I really like our boiled wool and I’m hoping to make a dress from the red and pink gingham double gauze - but I need to finish my friends' birthday presents first. 

  5. What do I like most about working at Fabrics Galore? Hmmm. that is tricky: Paul buys me breakfast sometimes?




Alison is a new member of staff, and started off covering holidays but is now a permanent member who works at the shop on a Wednesday, Thursday and the occasional Saturday. She is also our pattern queen, if you need some help with a pattern, Alison is who you need. 


  1. I have worked at Fabrics Galore regularly for the last 8 months. 

  2. My Auntie Eva introduced me to sewing when I was younger. 

  3. I enjoy dressmaking when I am at home and particularly trousers. 

  4. At the moment my favourite fabric at the shop is either the Sevenberry cottons or our denim. 

  5. The best part about working at Fabrics Galore is definitely all the Sewing Chat between us and our customers. 




Michael is another core member of the Fabrics Galore team, who has done almost every show at least once, but his specialised skill is folding. He can fold everything, even jersey without batting an eyelid - he is actually even better than Paul. 


  1. Well, a lady never tells but it must be over ten years.

  2. My Grandmother inspired me to get into sewing. She was a whizz on the sewing machine. 

  3. I will try and make anything. I just love sewing. 

  4. It sounds so mundane but our calico is the best thing I’ve ever used and I use it every week. 

  5. It’s really like a family here, that is my favourite thing about working at Fabrics Galore. 




Becky is a new member of Team FG, she works on Saturdays and is super speedy at cutting all the orders. 


1. 7 months

2. During my childhood, my grandmother inspired me to learn sewing. I would watch her mend and alter clothing and over time I gained a lot of knowledge from her. Gradually, I developed a keen interest in selecting fabrics and matching them based on their properties.

3. I love designing and transferring prints onto fabrics for fashion and making clothes at home.

4. My favourite fabric to sew from FG is wool. It’s durable, comfortable to touch and easy to work with. Wool is also sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, requiring less chemical processing, which helps to sustain the environment. Additionally, I love working with FG Organdy, a natural material that is great for fabric manipulation. It holds its structure well and is perfect for dyeing.

5. The work environment at FG is welcoming, warm and supportive. I learn a lot about various materials, their uses and the creations of my colleagues and customers. It’s truly fascinating and inspiring! As someone from a textile design background, FG provides a great opportunity to apply my knowledge in fashion and textiles. I thoroughly enjoy helping customers choose materials and seeing them progress from an idea to an outcome.




  1. Since I first opened the doors in 1992. 

  2. Whilst I may not  know one end of a needle from the other I have always loved fabrics. I worked during my school holidays for my father from when I was knee high to a grasshopper which is where I was bitten by the retail bug - surrounded by amazing colours and textures. Beautiful and interesting fabrics still continue to inspire me.

  3.  A very strong, milky cup of Yorkshire Gold.

  4. As anyone who works with me can tell you, my absolute indulgence and Achilles heel is pretty much any print from Alexander Henry Fabrics.

  5. Every day is a school day - you learn so much from everyone who comes into our Shop - customers, colleagues and suppliers.


Visit our Fabric Shop 

We hope you have enjoyed meeting our team in the Fabrics Galore shop in London. It's also where we ship all your online orders from and answer any questions you have regarding the fabrics, orders or pattern advice.

After more than 30 years in business, Fabrics Galore continues to be a fun and inspirational place to visit. Come and meet us in person if you are ever in London, and let us know what you're making and who inspired you to start sewing. 


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