Understanding the Different Types of Chambray Fabric

Understanding The Different Uses Of Chambray Fabric

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It can be a daunting prospect trying to choose the perfect fabric for your next dressmaking or crafting project, as this can really make or break the final result. Trying to get your head around fabric types can feel overwhelming, which is why the  Fabrics Galore team is here to assist you. Certain fabrics are better for particular  dressmaking projects, and chambray fabric is perfect for making shirts, tunics and summer dresses - just to name a few examples. So, to help you understand the characteristics of this fabric, we have put together a simple guide for you. 

What is chambray fabric? 

Chambray is a plain-weave fabric, which is typically made from 100% cotton, but there are other variations out there for you to choose from. This plain weave fabric has a coloured yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Although it may look similar to denim, especially with its typically light blue colour, chambray is lighter and woven differently. It looks like a “shot” fabric, which has a two-tone effect created by using two different colours for the warp and weft fibres.

Its softer texture and thinner construction make this the perfect material for spring and summer clothing, keeping you cool in dry heat and humidity. Its higher thread count also means it has a finer weave, which not only makes the cotton fabric more textured and interesting, but even more breathable as well. Chambray is often sold in solid plain colours or stripes, but can also come in multicoloured, patterned weaves - providing even more variety. 


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How chambray fabric is used

Over the years, chambray has been used for all sorts of different garments. As we have already touched upon, many people use it for light summer wears such as shorts, skirts, tops and dresses. However, chambray is most frequently used for shirt fabric or button-down shirts that come with long sleeves and collars, so-called “Oxford” shirts. Some other uses for chambray fabric include quilting or bedding, and even other home furnishing items such as curtains, pillow cases, tablecloths, placemats and upholstery.  


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Here at  Fabrics Galore, the chambray fabrics we have in stock are especially good for dressmaking and quilting. The material we have online is an unusually wide fabric at 150cm so you get a lot for your money, but its wide width also makes them ideal for backing.  Quilting is a highly rewarding activity and excellent quality fabrics work best, allowing you to achieve any design you want to create the perfect patchwork quilt. Given the current world climate, making a beautiful quilt with your family would be the perfect way to spend time together whilst staying indoors and creating a lasting memory of this unique time. 

Purchasing chambray fabric

As a dedicated fabric business, at  Fabrics Galore, we have a passion for quality chambray fabrics - which is in evidence with the diverse range available across our website. Our selection of stripe chambrays with matching solids are perfect for a variety of different projects, whatever your next sewing project requires.

No matter the style of project you are looking to create, we can assist you and ensure you have the materials you need. We are currently re-stocking many of our dressmaking fabrics online, so you are more than welcome to have a browse online and keep up to date with our current stock. 

For advice on your online fabric purchase you can call us on 020 7738 9589 or email us on howdy@fabricsgalore.co.uk

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