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Fabrics Galore specialise in sourcing the highest quality drape fabrics to inspire the modern dressmaker. Whether it’s a floral print viscose or a luxurious crepe our wide variety of drape fabrics will have you itching to get on your sewing more show less


The wide range of drape fabrics at Fabrics Galore is set to become your one stop shop for dressmaking fabrics. We work hard to bring you the best of the bunch, if you’re looking for viscose for a party dress, linen for the ultimate summer outfit or a crepe to add something special to your handmade wardrobe then we’re bound to have something to inspire. So why not take a look at our stunning drape fabric range below?

What is the drape of a fabric?

The drape is used to describe the fabric’s ability to hang under its own weight, often overlapping in a wavy nature. The quality of the drape depends on the type and weight of material used, for example, woven cotton is a stiff material and will give less of a drape than crepe or a viscose.

What is the best fabric for drape?

A high drape displays small folds, creases and hangs straight down, clinging to the body when used to make garments. The best fabric for a high drape is silk, viscose, crepe and polyesters, which are lightweight materials ideal for free-flowing skirts and blouses. Drape fabrics can be slightly more difficult to sew with too because they can be slippy and move more.

How to care for viscose fabrics

Viscose fabrics can be damaged easily through vigorous handling, therefore it is important to take care when working with viscose fabric. To avoid damage when washing viscose fabric, we recommend hand washing with cool water and mild detergent. When hand washing, it is crucial not to wring or twist your fabric.

Air drying is also recommended for viscose fabrics, as is using a medium silk setting option when ironing.

Is viscose fabric stretchy?

When used on its own, viscose fabric does not own that ‘stretchy’ quality that you get with nylon and other fabrics. However, when blended with other elastic fibres, it allows your viscose fabric to become slightly stretchier if this is preferred.


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